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►What are the ranks in Lost Society and what do they mean?

Social - as the name suggests, its a person that is in the guild for its social side.

Raider alt - are, evidently alts of the ...raiders. Their rights are the same as the social members, and the only reason for them having a different rank is to make it easier to identify people.

Trial - is the rank of those who need to prove their worth as raiding members. Trials will usually last around 3 weeks and can be extended if the officers are not convinced with another week. They will not be prioritized for raid spots on progress encounters (evidently a great performance still can ensure the raid spot, but if you already impressed in such a degree, the promotion is close and we’re only looking at reliability). They will also not get loot prio over raiders, though sensible approaches will be made depending on how close you are to being promoted and how big the upgrade is. They are expected to have higher than normally attendance, because, even if we understand social life is important, those 3 weeks are all you have to convince us and we want to make the most of it.

Raider - is a core member of the guild, who is reliable and has proven his worth as a player by knowing their class in depth, performing well in raids and participating in tactics discussions. They will generally have loot priority and are expected to have at least an 70% attendance. Should raid performance or attendance fall under the needed standards, raiders will receive a warning and failure in improving can result in a demote.

Officers and their alts 
- are your beloved (or less beloved) leaders. They are assisting with guild general management and handle admin stuff. They will also handle specific tasks within the guild and various issues can be addressed by talking with each of them. They will need to be actively raiding to maintain their rank and will step down should they require a break.

Guild Master - we all know what it means. Right now, that is Mietosis - master of slack, to our despair, but we wish him a long life in the job and as little drama as possible within wow.

►How is loot divided!

Starting in Legion we will try out Personal Loot for loot distribution as an experiment to see how it goes and if it can work for us.

►How to sign up for raids!

We use the in game calendar and invites are made from there, so you will not receive one if your name isn't on the accepted list. We will put up upcoming raids for the next month at the end of the last raid of the current month. People who consistently ignore signing for raids on calendar will get demoted to trial and not get prioritized for main raids until they earn their raider rank back.

►Raid times?

Every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 20.20-23.30.

►Breaks during raids?

We have a 10 minutes break somewhere between 21:45-22:15.

►Social calls, cant raid.

We know it happens but people who consistently are absent without posting in their absence tread in the proper section on the forums will without warning get demoted to trial and not get prioritized for main raids until they earn their raider rank back. 

►Voice chat?

We use Discord, just ask in guild chat for invite to the Lost Society - EU server

►Alts in guild?

Of course. Whisper anyone with raider alt rank or above for an invite.

►Alt raids?

Starting in Legion we will be running alt/social raids every Saturday, everyone who wants to join needs to know tactics for the bosses we will be doing, have flask, food, potions, enchants, gems and most importantly this will not be for boosting friends so everyone needs to be geared for what we will be doing.

►Guild bank and tabs content

Depending on your rank, you have access to different tabs. If there’s an item that you don’t have access to, just ask from an officer to get it for you. Everything is free to our members, except raid epics which will be negotiated conveniently.

►Do i have to put stuff in the gbank?

Only if you want to.

►Who can use guild repairs?

Raiders and Officers during raiding times.

►Issues with another member or a group of members!

If you feel solving the issue with the person (or group) that you have a conflict with is impossible (we recommend trying that), you can approach an officer for help. Do not let things that bother you build up too much before trying to do something about them, but try to have a decent amount of tolerance to jokes, unless they are hurtful to you in a special way.

►Fraps and other captions

We are currently looking for more points of view for our kill videos. Feel free to offer such, also, if you have time and inclination to make various materials that would look for the guild, we’d be happy to see them. These include not only the usual kill videos but also fun stuff or pvp footage.

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